Zakir Naik claims Prophet in Hindu Scriptures

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A relatively new propaganda seems to be on rage these days – that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has been prophesised in Hindu Scriptures. This seems to be a great hit in major Islamic websites over last few years. It is also very useful in increasing the effectiveness of conversion programs driven by vision of making India a Muslim among country within next 5 years (as resolved by Maulana Abdullah Tariq recently on Peace TV).
And why shouldn’t it be effective. First, it is proved that the Kalki Avatar mentioned in Bhavishya Puran is none other than Prophet Muhammad. Second, it is also demonstrated that Vedas, the final authority in Hinduism, themselves sang praise of Prophet Muhammad.
Now the entry barriers for a Hindu in embracing Islam are suddenly evaporated!
All that a devout Hindu is doing now is accepting the directions of his own religion with further sincerity.
Thus, when a close friend of mine, who is an expert in Islam, visited a prominent temple in the heart of Lucknow, he was greeted by the head priest. He could see marks on forehead of the priest. When discussions continued on matter of religion, the priest explained to him how Prophet is the final goal for every Hindu and how Islam alone can save humanity.
Now my friend realized that the mark on the head was out of 5 times of daily prayer in submission to the legend who has been prophesised in Hindu Scriptures! And this is the new direction of Islamic conversion techniques that he has been witnessing.
In this series, we shall critically analyze the claims of this propaganda and bring truth to the fore.
The founder of this hypothesis is none other than the stage-performer Dr Zakir Naik who can recite page number, chapter number and verse number for any book on earth. His style is so hypnotic and entertaining that the audience no more has the space to check relevance of his references. The same style is evident in his writing as well, which form the basis of his memorized speeches.
And now, the confused Muslim youth has found a new passion that confirms their seat in Paradise. They would simply copy-paste from his articles and spread the good word around on internet forums, blogs and social networking sites. The print outs are circulated in colleges and schools. This is often very effective against certain less-well-versed Hindus who fall under the ploy.
I hope this article will at least serve as a ready reference for answering this propaganda through a similar copy-paste if nothing more. However if this induces an attitude of questioning among the readers to seek the truth, and at least reject the obvious falsehoods that come in this journey, I would consider my efforts to be fruitful.
This series is based on the original article written by Dr Zakir Naik and published on Islamic Research Foundation website. You can review the same here: we get into a more detailed analysis, let us argue a few more points:
Muslims have been in India for around 1000 years now. And for majority of the time, they were ruling this country. Why is it that Muslims could not discover this obvious fact in so many years? In fact, study of Vedas and Purans were more popular in those times than it is today! Why is it that no commentary on Vedas written by anyone since Vedas were first authored (they are considered the oldest books) could ever discover such an important fact which is to decide the fate of the world?After all, as per Dr Naik and Quran, the only way to book a ticket to Paradise is by believing in Prophet Muhammad to be the last Prophet and his message being the only authoritative message of God! Thus no message of Vedas can be more important than this message, if it is indeed a true fiction!
If indeed Vedas could prophesise coming of Prophet Muhammad, why not consider Vedas to be work of another Prophet? Is it not a miracle that the oldest book on earth could predict arrival of the last Prophet! So, why not accept Vedas as book of God?The usual answer to this perplexing question is that Vedas may have been the first book, but Quran is last and hence only Quran has to be followed. Now my counter-question is that is God perfect or not? If yes, which is what Quran wants us to believe, then why could not God give his first book as final edition? If God knows everything, what made him change his own theories? This means that God is imperfect.Here, when trapped, the proponents weakly argue that God’s knowledge is same but the application changes from time to time. If that be so, should not a new Quran come now when the world order has completely changed from barbaric middle ages when Quran had to accept evils like slavery, polygamy and gender discrimination?Further, Vedas talk of rebirth. They talk of monogamy. They talk of Law of Karma and refuse belief in Heaven or Hell. They believe that nature, God and soul are beginning-less and endless. Creation and Destruction happen in continuous cycles. These are completely opposite to Quranic view of polygamy, one birth, permanent Heaven or Hell and this being the first and last creation of God that happened in few days a few thousand years ago. I can agree to some extent to future plans being modified by God as part of some grand strategy, but how can even God change the history of universe that had already happened even before Vedas came in Quran, his revised edition of message? Is God so forgetful of what he has already done? If that be so, what is the guarantee that he will not realize some more mistakes and send another edition of his message?Secondly, if indeed Vedas could predict about Prophet Muhammad, and Dr Zakir Naik sincerely believes so, should he not consider Vedas also as a book by Prophets? If not last, at least the first one? This is where Dr Naik’s corrupt tricks get exposed. He fears that any admission of any other books apart from those followed by believers (Jews, Christians and Muslims) being given by God may put him in Hell forever, as per instructions in Quran. So in another article of his, he flatly refuses to admit that Vedas are indeed books of revelation. He conveniently forgets that he himself has proved that Vedas gave the biggest prophecy of all times – the advent of Prophet Muhammad and claims that
“ There is no text in the Qur’an or Sahih Hadith mentioning the name of the revelation that was sent to India. Since the names of the Vedas or other Hindu scriptures are no where to be found in Qur’an and Sahih Hadith, one cannot say for sure that they were the revelations of God. They may be the revelation of God or may not be the revelation of God.”
You can check it out on his FAQ on Hinduism in his IRF site We should also scrutinize what qualifications Dr Zakir Naik possesses to interpret Vedas? Is he a Sanskrit scholar or a Vedic Pandit? Or has he referred to works of any scholar? No! He simply lists names of some commentrators on Vedas in his articles whom he has referred to. Most of these are either western indologists who are considered authentic in first place, or some others whom only Dr Naik knows. Further he does not provide exact translation by any of the scholars and only writes out the commentary that suits his predrawn conclusion. Even the western indologists did not hint on even remotest reference to Muhammad! Thus all Dr Naik has done is following the old art of marketing, “That a lie shouted thousand times becomes a truth!”

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  1. They talk about Muhammad being mentioned in the Hinduic scripts. Even few logics are also presented. But the thing is they know not Hinduism in deep.

    Do you know why a horse has its one leg in the air while its three legs in the ground? ...
    I bet no one does... The four legs of the horse represents the four Vedas (Rig, Sam, Yajur and Atharva Vedas).
    Here's the truth ... Ved Vyas was only the knower of Rig Veda, Sam Veda and Yajur Veda except for the Atharva Veda.
    Atharva Veda was never explained by anyone... I mean none, not even Vyas! So, one of the few tasks of Kalki becomes - to explain the knowledge of Atharva Veda (symbollically - the fourth leg of horse).

    I'm saying this because Prophet Muhammad had never ever explained the knowledge Atharva Ved in the Mecca, or did he?
    Please, ask this question to those who claim that Prophet Muhammad to be Kalki.

    But why are the leaders presenting "Muhammad" as "Kalki"? ... You know Why? ... cuz they don't know who Kalki is ... It is just their hunch! ... Yeah, few similarities are presented but I think that isn't fully sufficient to prove that Muhammad is Kalki.

    But on the other hand, (according to my perspective, the perspective that I had developed on my own from the wisdom of Mahamati Prannath), Rasul Muhammad is partially Kalki (in one way)!!! ... Do you wanna know why? ... Then, please read Alif Lam Mim. Alif Lam Mim is
    the Kalki of Hindus!!! And not even the Hindus or the Muslims ever knew of this fact!!!
    Rasul Muhammad's spirit was also present in Kalki (or Mahamati Prannath)!!

    And Mahamati Prannath is Kalki because he had explained the Atharva Veda in its original sense!!!
    Thus, by explaining Atharva Veda, Mahamati Prannath (the Kalki) has ridden his horse!

    Also download the biography of Mahamati Prannath by clicking here, and read it for yourself if you don't believe me a bit!!!


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